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1. What is full Insurance?
It is the insurance that covers all the expenses in case of an accident. Prerequisite is that the Greek driving code has not been violated and that all the rules and procedures in case of an accident have been followed.

2. What is collision damage waiver?
It is the insurance that covers all the expenses in case of an accident with a certain amount of excess (self risk). The ammount of excess from A to C category is limited to 300€ and from C1 to F1 to 500€.

3. What is full damage waiver?
It is full insurance that covers all the expenses in case of an accident with no excess (renter's self risk) at all.

4. What is tire insurance?
Tire insurance covers all the expenses in case of damaging the tires only and not the part of the car underneath.

5. What should I do in case of an accident?
In case of an accident you give us a phone call at the 24hour phone number that is written on the rental contract and we will guide you through the whole process. In case of difficulty reaching us (no signal etc) call the international number 112 or the Greek police emergency 100. For more details read the INSTRUCTIONS-PROCEDURES IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT.

6. What happens if the car breaks down?
All the prices include 24hours road assistance and replacement of the car. Simply contact us by phone and we will change the car at your current location.

7. Do the cars have air condition?
Yes, all the cars have A/C.

8. Do I have free mileage?
Yes, the basic price includes free mileage.

9. Is there a charge for second driver?
No, we don't charge a second driver.

10. Is there a charge for baby seat or booster?
No, baby seats and boosters are free.

11. What documents do I have to have with me in order to rent a car?
A valid driving license in Latin is required and a passport or ID card.

12. How will we meet in the airport?
When you arrive one of our representatives will wait you with a note writing your name on. In cases of airport congestion we will call you at your cell phone and we will meet outside the building.

13. If I have many baggage what should I rent?
You can either order a roof rack for a normal car or you can reserve a mini bus with a removable back seat. If these solutions don't meet your needs then you can contact us directly by email or by phone and we will find the most optimum solution for you.

14. What happens if my flight is delayed?
If you have informed us properly with the correct airline name and flight number then our representative will wait you at the airport when you arrive. In case of other delays (late baggage etc) call us at the company's 24hours phone numbers (28210-60120, 68782).

15. What if I want to pick up the car to one location and return it to another?
It is possible only within the prefecture of Chania. But, it must be agreed prior to rental. You can either use the inquiry form or contact us directly to our email.

16. Will a GPS  be useful to me?
A GPS navigation system is always useful especially if you plan to move around the cities. But, even if you don't rent one we will provide you a map of Crete.

17. What happens if I return the car later then agreed?
In that case you will be surcharged a half day rental for delays less than 5 hours and a full day rental for delays more than 5 hours.

19. How can I modify or cancel my booking?
You can contact us by phone or by email.